How to Maintain your Fireplace

How to Maintain Your Fireplace Everyone will agree that a fireplace is the heart of a home. This fire feature creates a perfect place for great family bonding moments. Aside from providing comfort during cold days and nights, a fireplace can become a decorative feature inside your home. It can even serve as a focal feature when designed by professionals. With these invaluable functions and benefits, it is a must to take good care of your fireplace. Regular cleaning and other maintenance procedures must be performed to ensure the proper functioning of your fireplace, whether you have a wood-burning or a gas-type unit. But before you do the task in a DIY manner, you should learn how to maintain your fireplace without causing damage to the unit. You must also consider your safety when performing this task.

Proper Fireplace Maintenance

Doing comprehensive fireplace maintenance is not an easy task. In fact, the job is best handled by professional service providers since they are trained and equipped with the right tools. In the hands of professionals, you can be sure that they will perform a thorough cleanup. While it may cost you some dollars, it would be surely worth it in terms of the convenience and results that you’ll get. But if you want to do this kind of task, you have to learn first the right maintenance procedures and techniques. You should also equip yourself with the right tools and supplies to get positive results.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your fireplace:

  • Regular flue and chimney checkup. Your fireplace flue and chimney require regular cleaning to prevent creosote build-up. The improper burning of wood causes the accumulation of this dark or black colored substance. If neglected, this can become a fire hazard. The flue is already ripe for a cleanup when the accumulated creosote is 1/8 inch thick or more. Remember that this does not follow a definite time frame to reach since it depends on how frequently you use your fireplace. Experts agree that chimney cleaning must be done every 40 or 50 fires.

  • Proper cleaning of the firebox. The firebox is another important part of your fireplace that must be properly maintained. You must clean the firebox weekly if you are using it regularly. The ashes can be removed straight from the firebox or via the ash dump. If you will use the fireplace for the first time, make sure that it is free from ashes, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated during its hiatus. You will need dust mask, gloves, shovel, bucket, and other tools to remove the ashes and debris. You’ll be more confident cleaning you fireplace by getting your tools and other fireplace accessories from us.

More Efficient and Safer Fireplace

The efficient functioning of your fireplace must be one of your top-priorities. By following a comprehensive fireplace maintenance plan, you can prevent chimney fire incidents that can severely damage your chimney, fireplace, or entire home. Proper maintenance will also reduce the health risks caused by poor indoor air quality. The smoke from your fireplace contains toxic substances like nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds. These toxins can worsen the condition of people with asthma and senior citizens.

Your fireplace offers warmth and comfort, but it can also become a safety risk if you fail to address its maintenance requirements. If you will do the cleaning and other maintenance tasks, consider our tips on how to maintain your fireplace. These tips will ensure the efficient functioning of your fire feature.

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